Letter from the President

Dear Nitric Oxide Society Member,

It is an exciting time in the field of nitric oxide (NO) research and therapeutics.  To date, there are over 140,000 published papers on NO.  In each year since 2000, there have been over 6000 publications in PubMed.  The Nitric Oxide Society serves to support the scientists involved in this research and in communicating the importance of NO to the society at large.  The Nitric Oxide Society was founded in 1996 in order to promote the advancement of basic and applied scientific research in all aspects of NO research.  The Society was designed to disseminate important research results to the general public concerning nitric oxide, to develop and enhance the education and training of students and researchers in this field and to foster interdisciplinary communication by convening conferences and through its journal.  Historically, the NO Society was organized and run by its original 7 founding members.  As the scientific involvement of NO research has expanded so has the needs of the society.  Therefore, the NO Society has transformed into a more democratic organization run by officials elected by its members, for its members.  The new organization is excited to take on the original mission and designation of the Society and to involve Society membership in a more practical, effective and engaging manner. 
The NO Society website will take on a new look and we hope it will be the “go to” site for accurate and up to date information regarding nitric oxide.  The new leadership of the NO Society is excited and eager to move our field forward.  We cannot do this effectively without the involvement of Society members and those involved in NO research.  To this end we would like to invite all of you to engage with the society in whatever way you feel able.  We have clear and defined objectives over the next few years.
1.    Grow and expand our Society membership
2.    Implement communication strategies to increase awareness on NO to the general public
3.    Support our members’ needs and foster the education and training of new investigators in the NO field
We will always strive to keep our website and communications up to date, although this is dependent upon open dialogue and communications from our members.  The newly elected leadership of the NO Society welcomes you to become more actively involved and to help us grow the Society by inviting your colleagues in and outside the NO field to join our efforts (Regular membership $95; Student $55, including NO Journal subscription).  We will continue to keep you updated on our progress.  Please understand that this is your society and its future, while clearly bright, needs your input to shape it as we go forward. To get involved or to contribute to the quarterly Newsletter please get in touch (office@nitricoxidesociety.org).  The next election will take place in 2018 at the International Nitric Oxide Conference (Oxford UK).  You can find more information on the 2018 Oxford NO Conference at http://www.no2018.org.uk.  We hope you share our enthusiasm and encourage you and your colleagues to get involved. 

President – Philip James (Cardiff, UK)